Ruby Palomino: “All the money I earn I use to continue educating myself and make more music”

Ruby Palomino confessed to The Republic and it is that as she revealed, she does not seek to possess -for now- material things, but rather seeks to continue betting on her education in art and become an elite artist.

“My mother is a teacher and has also given her life to culture, she has like five albums,” he commented in the first place in conversation with the reporter of the live video.

In addition, he added: “We artists finance our own records, I do that, all the money I earn I use to continue educating myself, to continue making more music.”

Finally, he made clear a powerful message: “To young people who want to get into music … I try to change that way of seeing things and when I have a program that exposes me to me, that achievement is so great because I show it to my nephew, other guys, that with facts if you try to be a better person every day out of conviction … in the long run it does work, more than money, it is the fact that you can continue “.

Ruby Palomino traces her musical line: “It doesn’t require me to move the totó”

The talented singer Ruby Palomino made her difference to other artists and critics, as she stated that having been in The Artist of the Year allowed her to know a different area than the one she knows.

“I feel that there was a great evolution, because I had to dance cumbia and salsa with incredible choreographies and I, the truth, had not done it before because my musical genre does not require me to move the totó,” he said.