Ruby Palomino reveals that she was unfaithful out of revenge: “I can’t say I’m holy”

It tells everything! Ruby palomino He opened his heart and told that he has had to go through difficult situations in love. Therefore, in an interview with La República, the singer mentioned that at some point she had to live the experience of a deception and confessed that, out of revenge, she was unfaithful.

They have been unfaithful to me. I have been unfaithful, in revenge, in wickedness and I know that I would not be again. I can’t say i’m holy. When trust is broken, it is because I have lived it. Be wise, learn from the mistakes of others, do not put your hand to burn in the fire, “he said.

“I did not understand why they took me back … In revenge, I did it, quietly. But it is worse, it is for you to feel bad, I have already passed it and I will not do it again, my next couples get a 20/20 because I am loyal, “he added.

Likewise, the winner of The Artist of the Year recalled a passage from her adolescence when she had to witness the infidelity committed by her then in love with a girl in her neighborhood park.

Sure, I’ve been I did get a good grip on that. I was 15 years old, we were half a year old, he was my first crush”, He mentioned.

“Everybody told me” there he is in the park with the skinny one “and I said” I don’t think so “, and I go and see him clapping. I stopped by and greeted them. A skinny woman who later became my friend. Greetings, Karin! ”, Said the artist from Huanca with laughter.

This anecdotal episode of the heart comes to Ruby’s mind as she tells us about her relationships and the processes she has had to go through to come out stronger.

“It’s pretty funny, but afterwards you give yourself a chance to meet people. For example, I have a great friend, María Pía, who has been in love with an ex. So, I think you can be friends with the ex, but you have to spend a prudent time, “he says.