Rugby for mothers: 127 women broke barriers through rugby

The rugby it has become a useful tool for some mothers to feel empowered. This happens in the Sevillian town of Mairena de Aljarafe, which hosted the first edition of the Mater Series where 127 women, aged between 35 and 57, attended to play a sport that most of them discovered quite casually and belatedly thanks to their children. The organizers were the local team: Bad mothers.

The name of this team is explained by the fact that they felt “bad mothers” for not understanding anything about the sport their children practiced. His shield also contains a special meaning: a hand that grips a sneaker tightly, which symbolizes that low intensity weapon of mass destruction used in the past by mothers or grandmothers as a deterrent or threatening element against any attempt at rebellion by children.

The team emerged after witnessing the final matches of the Rugby Champion Cup in Bilbao in 2018. “When we proposed it to the club, they immediately said yes and there was no going back,” says one of the mothers. From then on, the club put a coach for them and they began to go once a week to the El Fango sports center to get acquainted with the oval ball.

“We had no idea about rugby and that was not the only handicap because We must also take into account that we have players with two and three children with the responsibilities that this entails, ”says another.

To get to the Master Series they have been training for four years and it was their first game for all of them. However, the hosts were very satisfied because, as their coach and current Las Cocodrilas player Elena Vallejo points out, it was a “historic” day. The challenge of organizing the I Mater Series was not easy, both due to the dates and the fears of the pandemic, but “everything went very well.”

The assessment made by the captain of the Khaleesi de Hortaleza team, Sara Varela, about the rugby weekend in Seville is remarkable: nothing, but to be yourself again, the truth is that they are amazing ”. His speech is quite vindictive, especially towards those women over 35 years of age, many of them mothers, due to the “surprise” factor that it supposes for a wide sector of society who at their age go out to the field “to give everything” .