Rumbo: get to know the Android app that tells you which combi or micro will take you to your destination

Thousands of people in Lima use public transport to get around the Peruvian capital, but what happens if you don’t know which is the micro or bus that will take you to your destination? Applications What Waze o Google Maps do not offer this kind of information, but, as incredible as it may seem, there is one that offers this kind of service, its name is Course.

It is a app with almost 1,000 Metro routes, buses, stations, corridors and combis in the city of Lima and its surroundings. The app is available only for Android phones and has the ability to show routes to move between two points in the city using only the public transport.

As if that were not enough, users can also access data about their transfers, such as travel times, real-time alerts on the status of the route, see images of the company to which the bus or bus belongs and more.

Recently, the application has received a new option with its most recent update. Now, people will be able to send alerts to the app from a hybrid alert system: media monitoring and user reports.

In this way, the developers of Course They will be able to systematize all the eventualities that affect public transport: delays, demonstrations, closed stations or any incident that prevents the person from reaching their destination while traveling on a bus or micro. Once these types of problems are detected, the application will offer alternate routes so that the user can get there without problems.

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