Rusking Pimentel Named NY Senate Communications Director, District 32

The office of State Senator Luis Sepúlveda announced the appointment of Dominican communicator Rusking Pimentel as director of communications for the New York Senate, District 32.

Sepúlveda welcomed Pimentel, who “will contribute his experience as a communicator, his vast experience in social work and a modern approach to communication based on ethics and service to citizens.”

District 32 in the Bronx has wonderful cultural diversity. 41% of its residents of the Latino community come from the Dominican Republic.

“For Senator Sepúlveda it has been a great honor to work hand in hand for the full integration of the Dominican community in all the services that New York City can offer them. This is why Senator Sepúlveda’s office holds the record of being the that more requests for assistance to constituents receives and completes “, indicates a statement sent to Listín Diario.

Rusking Pimentel stated that it is a privilege to be able to perform a service to the community and to the people, one of the most rewarding tasks of his career.

“Having the privilege of the trust of the New York State Senate and the endorsement of Senator Luis Sepúlveda is a commitment of service and dedication and this is what the Senator has asked me to do: put people first. New York has a hard-working Dominican community and vibrant that contributes every day to the quality of life of his people here in New York and in the Dominican Republic. I have accepted this challenge with humility and the desire to serve “, he commented.

Rusking Pimentel has stood out as a communicator in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, with experience in community service during the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters during his more than 15 years as a decorated member of the Puerto Rico National Guard, where he currently serves as citizen – soldier.

In the Dominican Republic, Rusking has developed his work in front of the cameras in the program El Show Del Mediodía (Color Vision) for 8 years.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he stood out by conducting important interviews and informational work vital for citizens.

Under the direction of producer Iván Ruiz, Rusking has been a highly collaborative member on production ideas for “Reality TV.”

Rusking Pimentel studied at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and is a graduate of the EDP University of Puerto Rico, where he studied Business Administration with a major in management.

Senator Sepúlveda He has been a fighter for the rights of immigrants regardless of their legal status, he has sponsored very important projects that are now law in the State of New York, such as the “Green Light Bill”, which provides a legal solution for obtaining licenses. driving regardless of your immigration status, the statement said.

Likewise, he adds, Sepúlveda has been a promoter of important reforms to the judicial system and the compensation system for crime victims and the important state project “José Peralta Dream Act” that provides financial aid for undocumented higher education students.