“Rutas & Rincones” will broadcast a special program from San José De Ocoa

The specialized tourism program “Routes & Rincones” will bring home this weekend the first part of the special on the province of San José De Ocoa.

According to a press release, through this special program, the audience will know the culture, customs, crafts, spas, an exquisite gastronomy and will be able to see all the tourist potential that this province in the south of the Dominican Republic has.

Agriculture and handicrafts are the main generators of employment, to which is added an important push towards the promotion of the province as a tourist destination.

The program indicates that in terms of accommodation, San José de Ocoa has the Don Pedro Hostel, as well as impressive villas, such as Villa La Vereda, Coroar Villas Resort in Tatón and several Airbnbs.

In gastronomy, places with exquisite typical proposals stand out, such as Maribel Meals of the House, Mabel’s Kitchen, Gloria Terrace, among others.

San José De Ocoa has a cool climate, as it is nestled in a valley, a suitable space for nature lovers. It has beautiful rivers and waterfalls, such as La Estrechura and Los Martínez, and also highlights places in full tourist development such as Arawakos, entertainment centers, such as the emblematic Topacio Bar, as well as horseback riding, extreme sports such as Four Wheel, buggy, zipline and much more.

The producers of the program reported that the tour was possible thanks to the San José De Ocoa Tourism Cluster

“Rutas & Rincones” is a tourist and cultural magazine, which is broadcast on Saturdays by Super Channel 33, at 2:00 in the afternoon, with repetition on Sundays at 12:00 midnight, under the leadership of Alexander Martínez , Sarah Hernández, Rosa Lidia Lora, made with the purpose of offering interesting and varied content weekly, locally and internationally.

The program conductors tour cities, both in the Dominican Republic and abroad, and show the audience the best of their monuments, places of entertainment, ecological corners, spas, gastronomy, music, characters, customs and traditions. Among the sections of this space are: VIP Destinations, Gastronomic Route, Dreams Corners and RD Tourism.