Ruth Karina after undergoing gastric balloon operation: My health was at risk

Ruth Karina revealed to have undergone a gastric balloon operation for health reasons. The singer, who a few months ago managed to overcome COVID-19, seeks to lose 14 kilos because for years she has tried different methods and did not get any results. Now, after surgery, she hopes to lead a healthier life and stay active.

The interpreter of “Follow my rhythm” takes the treatment in the company of a specialist, since he suggested the gastric balloon procedure and not the sleeve because her health was at risk. “I wanted to do the sleeve, but the doctor recommended that the best thing was the ball because I only have to lose 14 kilos, because my health could be at risk. I have only had an endoscopy where the balloon enters, I will have it for about a year and the results should be given, “he told Trome.

Likewise, the Amazon cumbia singer recalled that she has had different diets, but never got the results she was looking for. “I must lose 14 kilos. Despite the diets and the dance that I do in my shows, I have not been able to lose more than one kilo. Fortunately, it is a simple intervention (…) Now, I must rest for a week and I will return to the artistic shows ”.

The cumbiambera was invited to the program Al sixth day to surprise Bryan Arámbulo, who has been the revelation of the music industry in 2021. After the meeting, Ruth Karina dedicated a message to the young man from Huacho. “Thank God for making many admire me for my music and for how I am. When they invited me to the program Al sixth day to be the surprise of Bryan Arámbulo because he admires me, I said: ‘I don’t believe you, is it true or is it just flowery? Hee hee ‘, they told me:’ It’s true! ‘, so on the day of the recording I finally met him too, since he is very familiar with the music he makes ”.

The former member of the remembered group Euphoria was surprised to detail that she was not so lucky when she caught COVID-19 and suffered some collateral damage, despite having inoculated with both doses. “I am improving little by little, I have already passed the hardest days of the disease because I had very high fevers. Now I still have some discomfort in my tonsils, with headaches, but happily I no longer have a fever. COVID-19 has given me having the two vaccines that I received in the United States and I don’t even want to think how it would have affected me if I had not been vaccinated ”.