Ruth Karina undergoes bariatric treatment to lose 14 kilos: “I had been struggling with being overweight”

Cumbiambera Ruth Karina revealed that she underwent bariatric treatment to lose 14 kilos, because for years she had been trying to lose weight and was unable to do so. That is why he resorted to it in order to lead a healthier life while exercising.

The singer said that the gastric sleeve was not performed, but a ‘gastric balloon’ procedure that allows her to lose the necessary kilos so that it does not affect her health.

After this intervention, he will now take a few days off to return to the shows with everything. “I just had the ‘gastric balloon’ procedure to be able to lose weight more effectively because in recent years I have been struggling with being overweight, because I have to lose fourteen kilos. Despite the diets and the dance that I do in my shows, I have not been able to lose more than one kilo. Fortunately, it is a simple intervention that Dr. Augusto Lock performed on me, who has been very professional. Now I have to rest for a week and go back to the art shows, ”he pointed out to Trome.

Ruth Karina He announced that he will launch new songs to the delight of his followers. “I will launch new songs to continue making the public dance, which always deserves the best. In addition, you have to continue taking care of yourself to work for my family,” he said.

Ruth Karina reveals they proposed to her in United States

The beautiful singer Ruth Karina revealed that during her tour in the United States, a businessman was delighted with her so much that he offered to marry him.

“If you want to stay, you already have it in me for you to marry”, was what he said in the words of Ruth Karina.