Said asks Ale Baigorria to pay for his trips: “So that they talk with enthusiasm” [VIDEO]

Joke or reality? In a fun interview for More shows, Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao answered some details of their trip by New Year 2022In addition to revealing who or who pays for the trips that are given, what did they say?

“We saw that people were criticizing or trying to annoy you for having paid the ticket and even if that was true …”, he said in the first place Jasmine Pinedo.

“I wish it were true, right? Hahaha,” said Alejandra Baigorria’s boyfriend with a laugh and then added: “Love, you have to pay attention to social networks and if they say you pay me the ticket, then pay me.”

As explained later Gamarra’s blonde It would all have sprung up since she gave Said a trip for his birthday, yet now people believe that this is so all the time.

“But if you want you can pay attention to them … so that they speak with enthusiasm”, Said complemented then causing the blonde to burst into laughter.

Ale Baigorria opened the doors of his home: “My family was never money, I have everything for effort”

Alejandra Baigorria confessed to Natalie Vértiz and not only showed the intimacies of her home, but also gave advice to her followers and viewers who always highlight the hard work that she does.

“It cost me a lot to work to pay for the university I wanted, to buy my first car, those things made me strong, to know what it is to work, my family was never money, I never lacked anything, but everything I have afterwards is for my effort, 10 years of hard work at my company, at a loss, I have closed stores, I have opened, I have gone bankrupt and I have gotten back up, if I have it, it is because I work day by day, “he said.