Said Palao regrets criticism of reality boys: “I have a career and I am a high-performance athlete”

Said Palao will represent us in the Pan-American Judo Championship for this reason, he spoke about his preparation for this tournament and stressed that he is a high-level athlete. Thus, the member of This is war He said that he has a professional career and regretted the constant criticism to which his colleagues are exposed.

The model assured that, like him, the other members of EEG also have other businesses and study, for this reason he rejected that the public minimize them because they belong to the television environment.

I have studied Industrial Engineering, I have a career and I am a high performance athlete. It should be clear that, outside of the hour and a half of the program (This is war), where everyone sees us, the boys work, have their businesses, undertake and study. Each person is a different world, and, unfortunately, we are judged by an hour and a half that they see us on screen“, Held.

After winning the National Judo Championship in December 2021, Said Palao said that he is ready to give his best in this competition.

It is a great satisfaction to be able to represent Peru in judo. Coming back to this sport after nine years and now being challenged to be selected is a blessing. I’m already training very hard to be able to give my best in this championship, ”said Said.

This competition requires a lot of effort, so I am giving my all because I want Peru to have the medal in judo”, He said.

More in love than ever! Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao took advantage of their vacations in This is War to travel to Miami, where the family of the model and athlete lives. Through their social networks, both shared images of their trip in which they will celebrate the end of the year parties.