Said Palao still does not think about having babies with Alejandra Baigorria: “Having a child changes your life 180”

The businesswoman Alejandra Baigorria revealed on several occasions that she would like to become a mother. However, his partner Said Palao is not yet ready to become the father of a baby again, as he made it clear in an interview for Más Espectáculos.

The ‘blonde from Gamarra’ pointed out that her partner is now focused on her sports projects while she is on her clothing company, but that they have talked about having children.

“Said and I are going calmly, we are very happy, we are doing things well, and definitely the step of the son has been discussed, but just several things have come out for both of us,” he said.

“Said is going to tell you right now what he has planned for this year, what I have, so it definitely gets complicated for this year,” he added.

The reality boy clarified that that is why 2022 will be more to consolidate his goals and not to have children. “You know that having a child 180 changes your life, so first we want to focus a little more on ourselves, on the projects that each of us has as a person, and then … well, I’m going to be traveling these first 4 months, I go for my daughter’s birthday, I return to Miami to continue training and then I have a training camp in Austria, Denmark, Spain, there are many plans and little things, “he said.

Alejandra Baigorria’s mother is acclaimed by followers

Alejandra Baigorria’s mother took a popularity bath in an establishment, where she took the stage and was acclaimed by several fans, as Instarándula showed.