Said Palao surprises Alejandra again with an expensive gift: “Thank you, my love”

After surprising Alejandra Baigorria with an expensive Louis Vuitton travel suitcase with her initials on her birthday, Said Palao He did the unthinkable again and this time he gave a new luxury gift to the businesswoman, who did not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops.

As Ale showed in his stories of Instagram, the eldest of the Palau gave him a special Christmas present that, however, due to time issues, would have recently arrived this Wednesday, January 12.

But what was it about? At first, the blonde asked users if they wanted to know what he had given her Austin Palao’s brother and after seeing that the largest number of fans wanted to know him, he showed it.

It is nothing more and nothing less than an expensive laptop, the same one that would be valued at approximately 6 thousand soles. In addition, she thanked with great happiness: “My first laptop, my Mcbook air, thank you my love, I love you.”

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Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao would not be at EEG 2022

Said Palao and Alejandra Baigorria gave an exclusive interview for Más Espectáculos, where they revealed their next projects. In addition, the boyfriend of the blonde from Gamarra revealed that the first 4 months of the year will be dedicated to preparing in other countries 100% in judo.

“It is something that I always wanted to do well and now I am being given the possibility,” Said told the program from a cruise to the Bahamas and included Ale Baigorria as part of his plans.

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