Saint Joseph, model of father for Catholics

“Whoever does not find a teacher to teach him prayer, take this glorious saint for a teacher and he will not err on the road” – St. Teresa de Ávila referring to Saint Joseph.

In this jubilee year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the declaration of this Saint, Saint Joseph, as apostle and patron of our universal church, remembered by Pope Francis in the Apostolic Letter Patris corde (father’s heart), on December 8, 2020.

Similarly and in the context of the month of November, Family Month and, within the main activities of the Catholic Church, the celebration of ‘A Step for my Family: with Jesus, Mary and Joseph, refining our faith “, we reveal the figure of this Saint, and with him, a new commitment and the exhortation to a responsible fatherhood in our society.

Saint Joseph had in his hands an important mission of being a Catholic father and husband, humble, loving, responsible and obedient to the will of God. We are all aware that Saint Joseph had a very special role in God’s plan and we all know that this holy apostle fulfilled his mission with love and dedication. Like him, all parents have a mission to fulfill.

Parenting model

Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and adoptive father of Jesus, is the model of fatherhood. Her faith and obedience to God inspired her devotion to her family. Saint Joseph was present all the time, despite the circumstances that accompanied him at that time, being obedient, humble and loving, with his wife Maria and with his son Jesus; Unlike modern fatherhood, he did not delegate his responsibility, he assumed it and was consistent, he was faithful to Mary, whose husband, partner, friend, and he taught us to recognize that, in our daily work, with love and silence , we find the path that leads to God.

He taught us that the model of the holy family is the only model of the family, and that by ceasing to be me, each one of us, God can be God, and thus the path becomes easier.


Some authors highlight seven attributes or qualities of Saint Joseph, in addition to the characteristics already mentioned and that we share now, regarding this year dedicated to Saint Joseph, as the model of father to which we should aspire. These are:

– Surrender to God, that is, do his will, with faith and obedience

– Be a man of prayer

– Understand the true vocation as a source of inspiration

– Invest time in the family

– Be brave

– Practice material detachment

– Loving the wife