Samahara Lobatón and Youna: How their relationship started and why are they separated

Samahara Lobatón appeared on the show “On everyone’s lips” and was surprised before her birthday by Youna, who unexpectedly appeared on set and highlighted the work of the influencer’s mother.

Youna arrived with a huge bouquet of red roses and with her one-year-old little girl in her arms, seeing this image the influencer Samahara he was undoubtedly excited.

“The truth is that beyond what may happen between us, as parents we have focused on giving the best to our daughter, which is what we are doing to this day”, revealed with a broken voice the daughter of Melissa Klug.

After witnessing this situation between the young couple, today in The popular We mention the details of their separation and what would be the sentimental situation between Samahara Lobatón and Youna.

Who is Samahara Lobatón?

The influencer Samahara Lobatón Before starting in the world of television, he showed that he really liked the show, in addition to that his mother Melissa klug He always supported her in everything she did.

Melissa’s second daughter, entered the competition reality show Combate when she was not yet of legal age, in this way the influencer reached the small screen.

His time in the competitive reality show was short, but he left many teachings to Samahara since at his young age he was in many lawsuits in that program, since he did not have the most experience for this type of reality. After her time on television, the daughter of Melissa Klug, focused on working with her social networks, thus being considered the “queen of exchanges.”

Who is Youna?

Although very few are known about Youna, it was in 2019 that it became known that the young man was a well-known barber in the Callao district. From what can be seen in his social networks, the young man would be a lover of fashion and was very in love with the second daughter of Melissa Klug.

The young barber before the birth of his little girl, appeared in an interview with Samahara Lobatón in the program “En boca de todos” is there where Youna revealed that he was studying International Business, a profession that he also wishes to pursue.

Love story of Samahara Lobatón and Youna

In July 2019 Samahara was seen for the first time with Youna and the influencer shared a very affectionate photo with the young man in a nightclub on her social networks, in this way they began the future relationship.

Despite having a short relationship, in May 2020 she shared on Instagram with all her followers that she was 17 weeks pregnant and after a month she revealed with Youna that her baby would be a girl.

The couple was shown on social networks to maintain a solid relationship and more with the arrival of their little Xianna, but apparently not everything they showed in their networks was true, since shortly after the birth of their daughter, strong conflicts began between the young couple.

Why did you break up?

Samahara denounced her partner for physical assault and family violence after an argument they had at their home. Melissa Klug’s daughter revealed details about the heated argument she had with Youna.

“I arrived at my house with my daughter and Youna and I began to argue, my daughter fell asleep, I left her in her crib and we continued arguing. Then he told me ‘I’m leaving the house’ and picked up his things. I said ‘ok, go’. That’s when there were struggles between the two. There was no alcohol involved, “revealed Samahara.

The young influencer denied that she attacked her daughter’s father with a knife, as reported at first.

“They didn’t want to let us go, because they wanted the press to be out there with the talk … When we were fighting I was cutting a lemon (with the knife), it was only part of the fight, not that I nailed something to he remembered.

After this episode, Melissa Klug’s second daughter said that they both went to therapy as they wanted the best for their daughter and wanted to be the best parents.

Are Samahara Lobatón and Youna still together?

After the scandal about the strong fight between Samahara Lobatón and Youna, the young couple has remained on the sidelines about their sentimental situation, until in an interview for “En boca de todos” the influencer mentioned her current status with the father of her daughter.

“We have a parenting relationship, get over it now. I’m living my stage as a mother, I’m enjoying every minute with her”, declared the daughter of Melissa klug, making clear about rumors of a reconciliation with Youna.