Samahara Lobatón boasts her nail retouching after criticism: “Finally” [FOTO]

He laughs at the ‘haters’. Samahara Lobatón was criticized by a network user after realizing that her nails were not touched up like every month. “Party of 40 thousand soles, but not for nails?” Questioned a young woman in networks. This upset the daughter of Melissa Klug, who clarified that she did not have time to go to the beauty salon.

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In this sense, outraged, she responded in networks that she was sick for several days, that when she recovered she only had time to see her little girl xianna, and not to go to have their nails retouched. “I love that they talk nonsense, I was hospitalized from November 8 to 16, I have been fighting for 7 months with a bacterium that almost killed me.”

Samahara LobatonApparently, now she did take a little time to go to her favorite beauty salon and put on her beautiful nails. She thus made it known in her networks. “Retouching in progress at last,” she wrote on her Instagram story. The young mother stuck out her tongue at her detractors, as she placed the laughing icon next to her message.

It is worth mentioning that the daughter of Abel Lobaton, received a series of criticisms for going to the concert of the popular ‘Bad Rabbit’, and saying that he did not have time to enjoy his 2-year-old daughter. “I have a question, how until December 16? We’re still in November. Ahh, but to go to the concert of Bad Bunny (November 13 and 14) there he did have time!”.

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Samahara Lobatón spends time with her sister Melissa and draws attention to detail

This morning, Samahara Lobaton he was seen with his younger sister melissa in a well-known restaurant. The young influencer, despite her frequent criticism, demonstrated her good spirits and that her life smiles at her. For this reason, there was a detail that drew the attention of her followers who are pending each of her publications.

In his story of Instagram, the couple of Youna, stuck out tongue at camera. Melissa Lobaton Klug He was not far behind, and he also did the same in order to spark the users. The truth is samahara and her sister have a good relationship, in addition, they are comadres, since she is godmother to her daughter Xixi.