Samahara Lobatón is proud to contemplate the intelligence of her 1-year-old daughter

Samahara Lobatón You couldn’t be more proud of your daughter’s small accomplishments. The social media figure shared images of the 1-year-old girl demonstrating what she has learned in recent months, surprising her followers.

On several occasions, the descendant of Melissa Klug has shown that she is very involved in the education, health and well-being of her conceited. He recently revealed that he asked those close to him only to give him educational toys for Christmas.

“I told the whole family that I did not want to be given toys as such, dolls or those things, but things that I can use and everyone has complied with the rules,” he said.

Samahara Lobatón and her daughter visited an amusement center for children last Wednesday, January 5. In these facilities there was a reading space and little Xianna did not hesitate to grab an animal book, demonstrating her abilities to imitate sounds.

“Smart my Xixi. I love you my queen” He wrote on Instagram and tagged his partner Youna.

Samahara Lobatón once again shared some details of the care she has with her daughter Xianna. The influencer answered the question of some of her followers, who were surprised to see that the little girl sleeps very early.

According to Melissa Klug’s daughter, the girl has this habit because since she was little she instilled in her methodical habits and schedules.

“She has routines from waking up to sleeping, and I’ve been doing it since Xianna was a newborn. She is one year and three months old. For her it is completely normal to go to sleep at 7.30 ”, she specified.