Samahara Lobatón, Josi and more influencers would be denounced for hidden advertising to gambling

Samahara Lobatón his sister Gianella Marquina, the tiktoker Josi Martínez and more influencers could be denounced for covert advertising about gambling on social networks. On January 12, through Twitter, Indecopi announced that it had already reported the case of the young people after this accusation went viral.

The journalist Alejandra Garboza was the one who spread the captures of the Instagram stories, where the daughters of Melissa Klug and Josi Martínez They promise their followers that they have earned more income by participating in a bet.

According to the regulation of social networks, users who make promotions must comply with identifying the brand or writing about it, and advertise it as such. However, in the case of these influencers, that did not happen.

“Too easy. Literally, they put you in a Telegram group where there is someone like a witch who gives you forecasts. I copy them how it has to be and earn money ”, wrote Josi Martínez.

While the sisters shared a very similar message. “I’m in a Telegram group, where professionals send forecasts, I just copy and paste them and earn money,” they read in their publications.

It should be noted that young people advertise without mentioning the brand name which puts in doubt whether or not it is a scam.

Samahara Lobatón has 977,942 followers on Instagram. Josi Martínez has managed to reach more than a million netizens. For her part, Gianella Marquina shares her content with 959,975 users on the social network.