Samahara Lobatón moved to another US city without Youna: “We are in different states”

The popular influencer Samahara Lobatón stays away from the small screen after moving to the United States with her daughter and her sentimental partner Youna. However, she remains active on her social networks and there she said that she had moved. Where to?

As is known, the daughter of Melissa Klug has been sharing some details of her new life abroad, but few imagined that shortly after traveling she decided to change state.

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Through her official Instagram account, the ex-reality girl Samahara Lobatón revealed in her stories that she left the state of Virginia to move to Florida, but only with her daughter Xianna.

“We went to Virginia so that Xianna sees her paternal family, we always knew that we would live in FL (Florida) and we will stay here,” he told one of his followers.

However, the influencer Samahara Lobaton He decided to make it clear that the rumors that he separated from his partner Youna are not true, but he stated: “For work reasons we are in different states, but the 3 of us will be together.”

It should be noted that the conceited Melissa Klüg She is extremely proud that her little daughter has already mastered English in a short time and all thanks to the nest she attends.

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“I think it was easier for her because since she was a baby she has always put drawings or songs in English. To this day, she almost never sees drawings in Spanish,” he said.

Does Samahara Lobatón receive aid from the American State?

Samahara Lobaton She had a forceful response against a user who hinted that the United States government helps her with her daughter’s education.

“Please, ma’am. I don’t need anyone to support me. I work for something and I pay for my daughter’s nest,” she said.

He also recounted: “I continue to work with my social networks, I continue to have contracts with brands. My standard of living in Peru was not a basic standard of living, my daughter went to a super nest that was also expensive. I charge in dollars, not in soles and Youna works from five in the morning to five in the afternoon”.