Samahara Lobatón proud because her 1-year-old daughter already knows how to ‘read’: “Intelligent my Xixi” [VIDEO]

The best for your baby. In recent days, Samahara Lobatón has been publishing a series of videos, images, and recommendations for all her mother followers, who are interested in her luxurious parenting style.

It should be remembered that the popular Samahara has everything from her Instagram account, and that she applies the style of Montessori parenting where you stimulate your baby’s growth through learning.

And not only that, he also surprised many by revealing that this helped his one-year-old daughter have long and full dreams, who routinely rests all night.

Now the influencer mom She shows how her daughter plays and learns at the same time, feeling proud that little Xixi can already imitate the sounds of animals just by looking at them in her book.

“Intelligent my Xixi” is read in the video where he shows that his little girl has an advanced language despite her young age, in addition to stimulating her with positive words.

Samahara Lobatón reveals the modern form of ‘Montessori’ parenting with which Xixi grows

There is no doubt that the popular influencer takes the upbringing of little Xixi very seriously, because in her latest stories she has just published how she is raised.

Samahara Lobatón showed that the Montessori method uses a modern lifestyle where parents teach their children to have fun learning, with simple ways that encourage creativity and challenges.