Samahara Lobatón reveals details of the 20th birthday celebration [VIDEO]

Turó the house through the window! The Peruvian influencer Samahara Lobatón turned 20 years old last Saturday, November 20, and as expected, she did not hesitate to hold a party to celebrate her arrival at base two with her family and close friends.

However, let’s remember that days ago the former reality girl told the En boca de todos program that she would not have a big meeting for her birthday because she was one step away from ‘bankruptcy’ after giving her daughter a luxurious birthday Xianna, which was valued at more than 30 thousand dollars.

There is no budget anymore after Xianna’s birthday, I have almost gone bankrupt so just like that, we are going to travel, a family trip, “Samahara Lobatón said with laughter, surprising viewers.

However, the Peruvian influencer Samahara Lobatón decided not to stay with the desire to celebrate her 20th birthday and in her apartment she prepared a delicate decoration with various sweet and savory snacks for her guests, as she demonstrated on her official Instagram account.

On the other hand, the soccer player and future husband of Melissa Klug, Jesús Barco, was one of the people who did not hesitate to send a tender birthday greeting to Samahara Lobatón for his 20 years showing that they have a great relationship. “Happy birthday Samy, have an amazing day. Blessings. I adore you and Xixi.”, wrote the footballer.

Youna surprises Samahara Lobatón LIVE and she breaks down in tears

A special moment. The influencer Samahara Lobatón did not imagine receiving a tender surprise live from the father of her daughter, Youna who arrived at the latest edition of En boca de todos with a huge bouquet of roses to give to her sentimental ex-partner.

“I am too silly for these things, but I will try to speak. Samahara is an excellent mother and she has shown it all the 365 days that she accompanies Xianna, she is a very diligent mother. Thanks to her we have a well-applied routine with Xianna. Thank you for all the work you do with Xianna and I think he deserves to celebrate his birthday, “said the extremely excited barber.

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