Samahara Lobatón reveals her 1-year-old daughter’s modern sleep routine: “She has schedules”

A lot has been prepared. In the recent stories of Samahara Lobatón, the young mother influencer confessed how he gets his daughter to sleep early, after revealing his luxurious parenting style a few days ago.

From his Instagram account, where he radically changed the content of selfie and party videos, now Sam demonstrates his parenting style and how he manages his motherhood.

As she revealed in her social network, it was not easy for her to have routines with Xixi, her 1-year-old, however, from a very early age, I encourage her to have chores that make her accustomed to having schedules.

Samahara was encouraged to speak with her followers and commented that for her daughter sleeping at 7:30 and waking up in a row, at 8am maximum, is something normal, a situation that many moms would like.

Given this, the model said that the key is to have schedules, routines and thus accustom the little ones, what’s more, she was encouraged to share a book that helped her with it. Below is your download.

They criticize Samahara for reselling her baby’s ‘exchange’ crib: “Give it to the poorest”

Through social networks, Samahara Lobatón was harshly criticized by various netizens who stressed that it was not possible for her to sell her baby’s crib that she had received in exchange from some brands. “Abusive, on top of that, it is second-rate, you sell it,” “It didn’t cost you anything and you sell it at that price,” “1500? It will be new, second-rate it loses its value,” read the first comments found on social networks.

On the other hand, they added that, if she had enough money to travel and indulge herself, it would be fair for her to donate it to someone in need, giving him by her side. “Didn’t I have money to spare?”, “Abusive, you don’t have a heart, donate to so many children they need”, “With 1500 I put together the whole room and have plenty of it”, were a few other messages from users enraged by the daughter’s decision from Melissa Klug.