Samahara Lobatón reveals that she studied to raise her daughter: “I am the one who says what to do”

She does take her daughter’s education seriously. Samahara Lobatón has been surprising many mothers, as she recently revealed that she has a dedicated and studied luxurious parenting style for the education of her little daughter Xixi, which helped her to ‘read’ at one year of age.

And not only that, he also surprised many by revealing that this helped his one-year-old daughter have long and full dreams, who routinely rests all night.

This would have interested many, so the Women in Command cameras went to her new apartment where she showed each of the rooms where her daughter mainly reigns.

Before showing what would be the little girl’s game room, who also has an exclusive bathroom for her, Samahara Lobatón confessed that she has help at home but that she took a complementary feeding course, so she knows what to ask for.

“I’m the one who says what to do,” she is heard saying when she affirms that despite what is thought of her, she takes the health and well-being of her little family very seriously.

Samahara Lobatón reveals the modern form of ‘Montessori’ parenting with which Xixi grows

There is no doubt that the popular influencer takes the upbringing of little Xixi very seriously, because in her latest stories she has just published how she is raised.

Samahara Lobatón showed that the Montessori method uses a modern lifestyle where parents teach their children to have fun learning, with simple ways that encourage creativity and challenges.