Samahara Lobatón: This was Xianna’s first birthday party [VIDEO]

The influencer Samahara Lobatón and Youna decided to celebrate in a big way the first year of their conceited Xianna. That is why they spared no expense and disbursed more than 30 minimum wages. Learn more about your event here…

Through their social networksThe chalaca posted excited and proud throughout the process prior to and during the celebration of her smug birthday with her friends and family, but there was a small detail.

Let us remember that during his interview with On everyone’s lipsthe daughter of Melissa Klug She made it very clear that she and her ex-partner would have saved hard to celebrate their little girl and ruled out that it be an exchange, but in the publications she posted she was thanking the brands and professionals who supported her in holding her party, could it be exchange or discounts?

The fact is that the ex reality girl She spared no expense, because she not only hired makeup and hairstyle services for her and her baby, but also counted the dresses, cake, snacks, setting of the event, the place and staff for the care and entertainment of the children; services that she without fail she labeled and thanked in her Instagram.

As if it were a theme park, it was the birthday of little Xianna, which was organized and celebrated by Samahara Lobatón and her father. Youna. The truth is that we don’t know if the baby will remember this experience, but undoubtedly the guests will, and as they say “he who can, can, and he who can’t, clap his hands”.

Samahara Lobatón spent 30 thousand soles on her daughter’s birthday

The young influencer Samahara Lobatón wants to throw the house out the window to celebrate the first year of her little baby’s life properly with Youna, and she assures that it is not an exchange.

Ricardo Rondon revealed how much little Xianna’s lavish party would cost. “Now I understand the 30 thousand soles, 30 thousand soles has been invested for this celebration, but, did it come out of your pocket or is it pure exchange?“, I ask.

Samahara Lobatón was renewed after showing off her new figure at EBT

It shows renewed. Peruvian influencer Samahara Lobatón surprised viewers of En boca de todos after arriving as one of the special guests. In addition, her mom Melissa Klug also came to the set to talk about her marriage.

The former reality girl He decided to appear again on the small screen to show off his new figure after undergoing several cosmetic surgeries at a well-known local clinic. Let us remember that days ago, the popular Samahara Lobatón revealed to her followers that she underwent a novel surgical intervention to tone her abdomen.

Samahara Lobatón prepared for her daughter’s first year and looked for a luxury show

It will be an unforgettable day. The influencer Samahara Lobatón is excited for the first year of her daughter Xianna, which will be on October 15. Therefore, she would be planning a dream party to share with her family and friends.

Help, someone recommend me a complete children’s show, puppet show, bubble show, magician, all complete… Xianna birthday’s is coming (Xianna’s birthday is coming),” reads the story of her social network.

Samahara Lobatón celebrated the baptism of her daughter Xianna with an ostentatious party

The former reality girl Samahara Lobatón used her official Instagram account to share the snapshots she captured at the celebration of her little baby’s baptism. This time, the public figure decided not to hold a party of the month to celebrate the Catholic sacrament.

In the snapshots you can see the last daughter of Melissa Klug, Melissa Lobaton, who is the godmother the smiling Xianna. In addition, her godfather could be seen, a young man who would be a friend of the baby’s father.

The popular

Jesús Barco sends a tender message to the daughter of Samahara Lobatón

The soccer player Jesús Barco sent an emotional birthday message to the daughter of Samahara Lobatón, granddaughter of her current partner Melissa Klug.

“Happy first birthday, beautiful princess, have a great day and enjoy your birthday with the joy and love that you lavish on each one of your family,” the player wrote.

Jesús Barco sends an emotional message to the daughter of Samahara Lobatón.

Youna denies having an affair with Samahara Lobatón

Youna assured that she does not have a relationship beyond that of the father with Samahara Lobatón, despite the fact that she said that they had returned.

“We are not in a relationship, she has said that we only have a parental relationship and we are trying to take it in the best way,” he said.

Samahara Lobatón: Users make fun of her for bad spelling

Netizens made fun of Samahara Lobatón after reading the message of her publication dedicated to her baby Xianna. And it is that some of the words were misspelled. “But you can redeem for a dictionary”one told him.

“The day you were born I was also born again with you, I do not know, I do not know) how to explain what I feel for you my most Precious (lowercase ‘precious’) darling I love you,” he wrote.