Samahara Lobatón: what is the life of Youna, the father of her daughter

Melissa Klug’s daughter, Samahara Lobatón, maintains a sentimental relationship with Youna, who is the father of her little daughter Xianna. Although both had problems in the past, typical of their age, at present it seems that they have solved it and have given themselves an opportunity again.

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After their reconciliation, Samahara Lobatón and Youna have preferred to maintain a relationship out of the limelight, so now little is known about the young man, who, in addition to being a partner of Melissa Klug’s daughter, is a responsible father. That is why in this note from El Popular we tell you what is from his life.

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What is the life of Youna, father of the daughter of Samahara Lobatón?

Currently, Youna, father of Samahara Lobatón’s daughter, is focused on his work and taking care of little Xianna. After reconciling with Melissa Klug’s daughter, he has preferred to continue working as a professional barber, because with this he supports his daughter.

But, in addition to that, Youna is dedicated to starting a new business with Samahara Lobatón herself and finishing his professional career, as he told it at the end of 2021 during an interview on “En Boca de Todos”. The young man studies International Business.

About the business that they mentioned that time, not much is known yet, but it is a merger that we may know very soon. “I know that sometimes it doesn’t work, but we want to open a merger of two businesses, but soon we are going to say so, because if you tell it, it won’t be done. We want to merge two businesses. He is going to open his part and I am mine and we are going to have an accounting area, but I have and I know that this is going to go super well. It is a business that has fallen to our hair”, he sentenced that time.

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Samahara Lobatón: Will Youna become her husband and do you think about marriage?

Although Samahara Lobatón and Youna have reconciled and maintain a more mature relationship than when they started, the couple apparently will not marry. The same girl said that she has no intention of reaching the altar with the father of her daughter.

This happened during a recent interview on “En Boca de Todos”, when Melissa Klug was asked if she would accompany her daughter to the altar, to which the businesswoman replied: “If she asks me, yes (I would go) and if I see that the Things have gotten better.” Immediately, Samahara Lobatón ruled out that possibility: “I don’t want to get married (…) I don’t lose sleep over getting married, I’ve always said it, I don’t even see myself (married)”.

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Who is Youna?

Youna is the current partner of Melissa Klug’s second daughter, Samahara Lobatón and father of little Xianna. In addition, it was in 2019 that it was learned that the boy was a well-known barber in the Callao district and from what can be seen on his social networks, he would be a fashion lover and is very much in love with the second daughter of Melissa Klug.

The young barber before the birth of his little girl, appeared in an interview with Samahara Lobaton in the program “On everyone’s lips” is where yuna revealed that he was studying International Business, a profession that he also wants to pursue.