Samahara Lobatón: Why do you “regret” going to the United States and what is your dream job?

New airs and dreams. Samahara Lobatón surprised at the end of last year by announcing that she would leave Peru forever and go to USA to meet the goals you have planned. However, everything would not be turning out as she had thought, why?

Everything seems to indicate that some of the mishaps that the conceited Melissa Klug would be facing could keep her from meeting her goals. Then in this special note from El Popular we will tell you if it was true that the model regretted going to the land of ‘Uncle Sam’ Or it would only be a brief crisis.

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Is Samahara Lobatón having a hard time in the United States?

It should be mentioned that Abel Lobatón’s daughter went to live in Virginia, United States, with her partner youna and her little daughter, thus starting a life from scratch. As is known, the daughter of the chalaca revealed that He will study a professional career, this thanks to the income he receives as an influencer.

But, everything would be turned upside down, this after he suffered a traffic accident that would have generated some extra expenses out of his budget. “What else can happen to me this week? I crashed! … It was something slight, it scared me a lot. Thank God I wasn’t with Xianna,” he revealed Samahara Lobaton in its instagram.

Although what she experienced would not intimidate her and she would remain firm in her projects. “It is time for me to take my course and go for my dreams. Here the stability is different. I am giving my daughter a better future,” she asserted.

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Samahara Lobatón, what job do you need to pay for your studies?

The Peruvian model stated that in order to pay for her studies as an educator, she needs to remain a psychic in the world of social networks, this would not only help her in her work, but also to cover the expenses of living in USA.

“I continue to work on my social networks, I still have a contract with brands. My standard of living in Peru was not basic, Xianna went to a super nest. I charge in dollars, not in soles,” said Samahara Lobatón at first.

“It is a global company, it has several talents in Chile, Argentina, the United States, Mexico. They campaign for us with brands from all over the world, not only Peruvian brands,” he revealed.

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Did Samahara Lobatón return to Peru?

The conceited Melissa Klug and Abel Lobatón denied the possibility of returning to Peru after deciding to leave forever for “gringo lands”, this to seek a better future for her daughter and family together with youna.

“I’m going to study here (in the United States). Work in networks as always (what content they want to see) and Xianna will go to the nest … I charge in dollars, not in soles,” he commented Samahara Lobaton.