Samantha Batallanos BEGGED the reporter not to take out his double ampay: “I have skinny” [VIDEO]

I didn’t want anyone to know! Samantha Batallanos is causing talk after she starred in a double ampay with Jonathan Maicelo and Duilio Vallebuona, kissing them both within a day of each other, and now it turns out that she did not want this to be public.

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In Magaly TV The FirmLast night, Tuesday, November 22, Magaly Medina and her production broadcast some chats where the ex-beauty queen asks the program reporter that her images with the boxer and the ex-reality boy not come to light.

Everything happened before the broadcast of the ‘ampay’, because the ‘Urraco’ communicated with Samantha Batallanos to obtain his version of the facts and thus know what is his link with Duilio Vallebuona and Jonathan Maicelo, but his statements gave much more than talk.

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“Today we have you in some pictures with Jonathan Maicelo training and kissing you, are they a couple?” Was the question of the researcher of the Magaly Medina program, to which the young woman responded by asking that nothing be public. “Don’t take that out please, I’m skinny, I ask you as a favor,” he replied

Samantha Batallanos she was obviously concerned, and this led to questions about whether duilio vallebuona It was her partner, but her words left more doubts than answers, as she avoided specifying her boyfriend’s name. “Not zero love. (So ​​who is your skinny?) I don’t want to give details, I prefer to talk at another time, ”she answered sharply.

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Who is Samantha Batallanos?

Samantha Batallanos Cortegana is a Peruvian model, actress and television presenter. She is a native of Pamplona Baja, San Juan de Miraflores, Lima.

Before joining Miss Peru 2019, she was the representative of Peru in Miss Landscape International 2018, ending as the second runner-up. She was crowned as Miss Grand Peru 2021, on October 20, 2019, on the stage of the Miss Peru beauty pageant.