Samantha Batallanos breaks her silence after double ampay and CLARIFIES: “I don’t have a boyfriend, it was a mistake” [VIDEO]

Do you have a partner or not? Samantha Batallanos saw herself in the eye of the storm after an ampay that showed her kissing Duilio Vallebuona first and Jonathan Maicelo the next day, and until now she had preferred not to talk about it, but everything changed.

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After keeping silent for a few days, the model finally spoke on her social networks to make it clear that she is single after being caught affectionate with both men, as it turns out that everything would have been “an error” of hers to prevent the images from spreading .

After being seen begging the reporter for Magaly TV La Firme, Samantha Batallanos stated in the stories of his official account in instagram that he simply told the reporter everything to get out of trouble, without thinking about what they would cause.

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“No, what happens, or what happened is that, at the moment they tell me on WhatsApp, there are some videos, I got nervous, and what occurred to me to get out of it is that I had a boyfriend, in love, to try to prevent them from taking it out, and obviously they even took the conversation, but I really don’t have a boyfriend,” he said.

“The people who know me and who follow me, if I had a boyfriend, obviously they would already know him, but no, I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m a single girl, I do my thing and that’s it. Don’t think I have a boyfriend, it was a mistake, an impasse of pure nerves, but that’s it, it’s over,” he added Samantha Battle us.

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Samantha Batallanos thanks her followers

After the tremendous revelation, Samantha Batallanos He took a few minutes to thank his followers, as many would have left him messages of encouragement after the images in which he starred.

“A kiss for all the people who are writing to me with their support, with their beautiful way of being, I appreciate them and I read them,” the young woman finished in her stories, who avoided mentioning the names of Jonathan Maicelo and Duilio Vallebuona.