Samantha Batallanos keeps SILENCE about double AMPAY and takes the opportunity to thank DENTIST EXCHANGE [VIDEO]

With her it is not. Samantha Batallanos is on everyone’s lips after starring in a tremendous ampay where she saw herself kissing Duilio Vallebuona one day and Jonathan Maicelo the next day. However, she avoids speaking out about it.

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This time, the young model reappeared in her social networks after the striking images and dedicated herself to paying for her exchanges, this time thanking the dentist who treated her.

“I am here with my great friend, Dr. Polo, the crack and designer of smiles. He is responsible for my smile being so beautiful. We have done maintenance,” he said in the stories of his official account in instagram.

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Given this, Samantha Batallanos She approached her doctor, who told her, “It’s been a year now and your teeth still look like new.” This led to her showing herself smiling, and inviting her followers to visit him.

“Yes, I really love them, everyone who knows me knows how happy I am, so you know, you have to come, I’ll wait for you,” said the young woman, who would have a partner who is not Duilio Vallebuona and Jonathan Maicelo.

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Who is Samantha Batallanos?

Samantha Batallanos Cortegana is a Peruvian model, actress and television presenter. She is a native of Pamplona Baja, San Juan de Miraflores, Lima.

Before joining Miss Peru 2019, she was the representative of Peru in Miss Landscape International 2018, ending as the second runner-up. She was crowned as Miss Grand Peru 2021, on October 20, 2019, on the stage of the Miss Peru beauty pageant.