Samantha Batallanos: Magaly TV presented AMPAY COMPLETO model kisses Duilio Vallebuona and Jonathan Maicelo [VIDEO]

She did not imagine being captured by television cameras. The model Samantha Batallanos is on everyone’s lips after she was protected by kissing Duilio Vallebuona and Jonathan Maicelo in less than 24 hours. Magaly Medina’s show program presented the full report.

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In the last edition of Magaly TV The Firmthere was an unexpected moment after they announced the controversial images of the former Miss Grand along with the ex-reality boy and the boxer. This time, the public figure asked the reporter not to air her videos because she has a boyfriend.

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Samantha Batallanos was shocked after learning about the ampay

The renowned influencer Samantha Batallanos She is in the public eye after ampay, but the reporter from Magaly TV: La Firme did not hesitate to contact her to find out her version of the facts. Through some WhatsApp conversations, the public figure was shocked.

“Don’t take that out, I’m skinny,” the Peruvian model quickly responded to the journalist, who did not hesitate to question her: “Who is your skinny?” Then the former beauty queen insists not to expose the images: “I ask you as a favor.”