Samsung: if you want to take the best selfie, deactivate this option on your mobile

Everyone takes ‘selfies’. With the introduction of front cameras in the most modern smartphones, the habit of pausing for a moment to capture the best selfie and upload it to social networks has become a part of our daily routine.

The latest generation of devices from brands like Apple Huawei Samsung and more seek to perfect this to the fullest. Specifically, Samsung has launched its latest model, the Galaxy S21, equipped with the One UI, the customization layer developed by the same company and which allows the system to be improved and updated with functions of its own creation.

However, despite the impressive technology that their teams use, in this note, we show you which setting you should deactivate to achieve better quality in your selfie sessions. This change will only take a few seconds and you will only have to follow the steps listed below.

This is the function called ‘As in preview (selfie)’, which is activated by default on your smartphone and allows your self-portraits to be stored in your gallery folder without turning them over.

Although not always bad, this tool interferes with the full potential that your photos could achieve by replacing the perspective that users are used to since all your images will be perceived as ‘upside down’. That means that any text that appears on your photos will be unreadable.

So, follow these steps: