Samsung officially closes Tizen, its mobile app store

The beginning of the year 2022 has caused great commotion with the news of the latest alternative operating systems for mobile devices. After the announcement about the definitive end of the BlackBerry OS Samsung has officially closed the app store Tizen for cell phones, the system that had its premiere in 2012.

The Tizen app store had partially closed in June of last year: new applications were not accepted and the store was available only to reinstall previous downloads. Now, Tizen has completely stopped working.

Samsung launched its first cell phone with Tizen in 2015, the Samsung Z1 focused on emerging markets. However, it came to mobile phones later than other devices, because it was already the platform for televisions and smart watches.

In addition, it should be noted that its presence in the cell phone market was complicated from the beginning, although the Samsung Z1 was succeeded by the Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z4, all of them as very economical range models. The last of these appeared in 2017, when doubts about whether the operating system had a future were latent.

Thus, the path of Tizen for smartphones has culminated, while the smartwatch version has a dubious future after Samsung’s recent commitment to Wear OS. So far, Tizen survives on Samsung TVs, but it is believed that it won’t be for long.