Samuel Suárez against canceling This is war for racist comments: “There are many people working behind it”

Samuel Suárez spoke about the recent comments by Gino Assereto in This is war towards his partner Chavy that were considered by the culture Ministry as racists by relating the skin color of the warrior with that of a bun.

Given this, the “ratujas” they consulted samuel suarez through his page instarandula if you consider that the competition reality show should be canceled for promoting discriminatory comments. Given this, “the ratuja” He had a strong response, since he did not agree with the idea that the program is no longer broadcast.

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“Remember that in a program of television there are many people working, there are many families behind. But wishing that a program would lift it, nothing. It was that the program did not have a rating, that nobody sees it. But there is advertising and people who see it and people who enjoy it, it simply has to be regulated,” he responded, mentioning critics who yearn for the Peruvian television program to one day disappear.

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Samuel Suárez asks that Gino Assereto be sanctioned

Despite not supporting the idea that This is war be cancelled, Suarez did not hesitate to lash out Gino Assereto for promoting racist behavior and assured that it deserves a sanction, since the program is seen by many young people who can imitate and normalize such comments.

Likewise, it rejected the fact that the culture Ministry for protv just pronounce on it and not during the live program.

“I don’t think they’ll take out Gino Assereto. But I think they should give him a penalty for that. Above all that the program pronounces itself and a statement from the culture Ministry to realize the bad attitudes they promote. They had to do that yesterday, after it happened. They thought no one would notice. Today they will probably come out with their poor face. Many young people can normalize that a classmate is called a monkey and the worst thing is that everyone laughs, “she said firmly, demanding that these behaviors not be ignored.

Gino Assereto makes a public apology

After issuing a statement of protv in “Send who sends” rejecting racist comments Gino Assereto“the shark” did not hesitate to take advantage of the cameras to apologize publicly for his actions.

“You learn from mistakes, it has been a very big lesson. Error, stupidity. I love the world more than anything for what it is. I will never discriminate against someone. I am being branded as a racist and I am not,” he said. in the program Maria Pia Copello.

On the other hand, chevy He also spoke out showing a face for all people of origin Afro-Peruvian As the. “To all the people who have felt alluded to, I give them all my support, I sympathize with all the people who have been behind this case helping, supporting. To all the organizations as well. In truth, being Afro-Peruvian is something very beautiful and if They would ask me or tell me if I am happy, because I would say: Give me seven more lives and I would choose to be Afro-Peruvian again,” he declared.