Samuel Suárez on Florcita’s new heartthrob, Luiggi Yarasca: “It must be complicated” – INTERVIEW

Nothing was saved. Florcita Polo is in the eye of the storm after her boyfriend Luiggi Yarasca was linked to criminal acts in terms of alleged drug trafficking. And, before airing this report, samuel suarez had talked about this romance.

In exclusive conversation with The Popular, ‘Samu’ had referred to the bickering that occurs between Susy Diaz’s daughter and her ex-partner Néstor Villanueva, who even filed a complaint for alleged mistreatment of her and her children. Likewise, she had referred to her current lover. What did he say? You can read it below:

YOU CAN SEE: Florcita confirms that her boyfriend is a successful businessman and reveals: “He came at the wrong time”

-Florcita not only sends hints with Néstos, but she has started a new romance, and she is very confident that she is going to marry this boy

To Florcita the ratujas have been tattooing her soul. She is giving herself the opportunity to be seen happy, to be seen coming out of her, that she is young, she is still enjoying herself. I don’t know if she now has the mentality that she had years ago of messing with everything (in a relationship)

I think she is playing, or not, giving herself a chance to enjoy life, and she is free, like Néstor, who has a partner that would already be official, they are taking their time, they are making their life with this. It must be a bit complicated, after the long marriage that she has had with Néstor, she has been able to cut herself off completely, but she throws her hints anyway.

-And that there was also a strong complaint between Florcita and Néstor, that it was psychological abuse

What will not have happened in the marriage? Flor has a strong character, and hopefully she will solve it for the good of her little ones. Nothing more beautiful than having a healthy relationship and being able to get along, because I think that Néstor and Florcita herself have said so. Within everything, he is a father who loves his children in some way he tries to be responsible.

YOU CAN SEE: Florcita is already thinking about marrying a new lover and teases Néstor Villanueva: “I will not make the same mistakes”

Florcita and what she said about her lover before filing a complaint

Let us remember that before this complaint came to light, Florcita Polo had defended her affair with Luiggi Yarasca in America Today. “Look, my dear Janet, he is a businessman. He is not a young man without a trade or benefit,” she said at first.

Likewise, the popular Flower He highlighted how important the businessman is now in his life. “It came at the wrong time, but that’s love. I’m calm, I’m fine, I’m not going to talk about my private life anymore. It’s a low profile and I prefer to keep my relationship that way. We have been invited to programs and we have not wanted to go, he fell in love with her Flowerthe person,” he said.