Samuel Suárez reproaches Jefferson Farfán: “Whatever he wants to sink Magaly” – INTERVIEW

Nothing was saved. Jefferson Farfán is on everyone’s lips after it was announced that in the coming days, next Tuesday, May 30, the sentence of one of his trials with Magaly Medina will be read. This has generated all kinds of reactions, and now it is Samuel Suárez who spoke.

In EXCLUSIVE conversation with The Popular, ‘Samu’ stressed that the ‘Seal’ would be determined to “sink” the ‘Magpie’, but stressed that she has always defended her truth. For this, the creator of Instarandula gave him his support in the face of a possible sentence against him, especially after she herself denounced alleged irregularities in his four-year process.

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– Changing the subject to another that many are talking about, it is that of Magaly Medina and her trial with Jefferson Farfán, and you said that he would want to “scrub” her

Not only Jefferson, there are other people who do it today. Not everyone can judge Magaly. Apparently, he has to be someone with a ticket.

Unless Jefferson has proof for something he said, it really isn’t a crime issue. In this case, they have argued on this occasion a matter of defamation, because I know that there is another trial involved in relation to the images and their privacy. There are several trials there, however he wants to sink it. Somehow one of those lawsuits can bind you.

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– Perhaps one of these trials could end up like that of Paolo Guerrero (with Magaly in jail), God forbid, and it would be due to an opinion Magaly gave. This would already be a bit of censorship…

Exactly, one subject is defamation, and it must be very clear that another is free opinion. This is a judgment like the one they wanted to make to Rodrigo Gonzáles, but one thing is opinion, and another very different is “you are such and such.” If he proves otherwise, (Magaly) he will have to apologize, or in any case assume what justice says, but if there is another side that was simply opinion, come on… They cannot be censoring in this way for expressing different opinions topics.

Imagine, you see front pages in the newspapers and in the different media that bounce topics, and tomorrow for an opinion they want to censor you in some way. There are people who have the purchasing power to maintain a trial, other entertainment journalists.

– This lawsuit is expensive…

There are journalists like me who could not maintain one, there is no way out, and even less when they talk about exorbitant remuneration figures, but Magaly has always shown one thing: By defending her truth and her facts, she has not been afraid of facing the big ones. One looks at the program and says: ‘Ah caracho, look’, one is sent with heavy characters, that many journalists would do the pichi. She is not afraid to say, investigate, and after everything that has happened, I am sure that she informs herself before sending herself with something, super careful with the work that may exist. I am sure that what she can say, feel, is fully evaluated with her team, which is part of the professional work she does.

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Samuel Suárez believes that Jefferson Farfán could be favored

Jefferson Farfan has been defiant in social networksbecause he has sent some very direct hints towards Magaly Medina, as if he had to win. For this reasonSamuel Suarez He affirmed that he could be favored, but he must wait for the sentence, which could set a precedent for the media.

“Actually, he has to win, because there is a sentence in the case, that is what Magaly has come out to say in his program to say ‘This is not right, I need to (defend myself)’, but the next day Jefferson Farfán comes out with a statement to perhaps stun the judge. Here there is a dispute and there would be until the day the sentence is read and we see what justice has decided,” he said.