Samuel Suárez to Giuliana Rengifo: “Dress up as a police officer and laugh at it, don’t make life bitter” [VIDEO]

The ‘square’. In various ‘stories’ of his Instagram account, “instarandula”, the entertainment journalist Samuel Suarez did not hesitate to ask Giuliana Rengifo to take with good humor the remix released by DJ Roy, who shared in TikTok his peculiar theme ‘The Police and the official’, a hit that is giving the time, but that bothered the cumbia singer, who threatened to take legal action. Therefore, ‘Samu’ she thought.

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As recalled, Magaly Medina, through her program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, released some advice that was taken as a hint for Giuliana Rengifo, where she stressed that some women should dress as police officers to become officers, statements that were taken into account in the DJ’s Remix Roy. Thus, the singer Rengifo was outraged in her networks, hinting that she would sue the young man.

Given this, Samuel Suarez He “squared” her and advised her not to take everything very personally and to remember that if she is on Gisela Valcárcel’s program, talking about Magaly and Alfredo Zambrano, she knows she is generating a show. “I think you should drop two gears on everything you’re doing right now,” she said on her Instagram.

In addition, he reminded her that she was also sent with everything against Magaly Medina, therefore, she should know that the virals and the answers would be the order of the day. “If you don’t expect a comeback, that people don’t react, then don’t say it (…) If it’s going to bother you that virals come out, if it’s going to bother you that they give you an answer, I really don’t understand why you’re there dancing”, added ‘Samu’.

“You are billing with this show, if the police go viral, dress up as a policeman and laugh at itor, it’s the sportiest thing you can do. (…) If you wanted to enter Gisela’s program you would have shown that you are there only for your art, without the need to mention Magaly, the notary, but if you want to lend yourself to the circus, just accept (…) no make your life bitter,” he sentenced.

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Did Marisol send a hint to Giuliana Rengifo?: “In this world there are a lot of girls like that”

Some days ago, The singer Marisol gave her opinion on taking care of her image, especially when one is a woman and an artist. “I believe that women have to take care of their image and more if they have children. I take great care of my image for my children and my personal things are for me. People have seen that I have gotten ahead because of my music. Sometimes they choose to do things that or should instead get to work,” he said on Instagram.

Likewise, she referred to herself and specified that she does respect mourning when a relationship ends. Let us remember that after the ampay with the notary Paul Pinea, Giuliana Rengifo He noted that he is in a stage where no one is in mourning. “I think that if mourning has to be respected, they have raised me that way,” she said, hinting at a hint for the cumbiambera.