Sandra Berrocal is expecting her fourth baby

The communicator Sandra berrocal she is expecting her fourth child. Berrocal, who for months has been questioned for the suspicion of her pregnancy, received 2022 confirming to her followers that 2021 did not end without her receiving a visit from the stork.

In the publication, Sandra stated that she is 20 weeks pregnant: “Yes, I am pregnantThanks to Papa Dios for this blessing, for this happiness, my fourth son, I am extremely grateful, I know that many of you already knew it, but I had not confirmed it, “he said on his social networks.

Along with a photograph where she is seen with a fairly large belly, the former television presenter wrote: “Thank God my fourth baby and I were at risk. They were months of many emotions, anguish, happiness and a lot of fear ”.

In addition, she thanked God, her doctor and her husband, adding that “God’s plans are different from ours, we await you with much love. I can only say thank you my God for your unconditional love even without deserving it… Each of you thank you for that unconditional love you are the best followers ”.

Sandra is currently the mother of three children: two girls and a boy, the latter with her husband, the urban exponent, Crazy Design.

The urban also shared the news on his social networks and next to Sandra’s image he wrote: “Thank you my God for everything, thank you for giving this blessing to me and all my family. Will it be female or male? “

In March 2021, Sandra berrocal confirmed that she would no longer be part of the television show De Extremo a Extremo and several months after leaving her role as a presenter, the influencer also shared details of her new life.

In an interview, he informed the MásVip portal that he converted to Christianity and even changed his city of residence, he moved to Santiago de los Caballeros: “I am a Christian. I moved to Santiago. I have been making changes in my life for a long time ”.