Sandra Berrocal returns to the media with a project with her former colleagues

Although it has not been a year since she announced that she was leaving the media, Sandra Berrocal, who is expecting her fourth child, revealed that this year she is returning to radio and television in a program with some of her former colleagues “Las extremas” .

The former presenter of “From End to End” did not give many details about her new project, but did let it be known that it will be something of the weekend, in an already established television plant.

“I had not thought about it, but something is being cooked out there with everything and a belly,” said Berrocal in the program “Activating the morning” (Telecentro), and specified that it would be television and radio.

“It will be weekly and also weekend,” he explained while replying that it will not be on a new platform, but in an “old guard” medium.

He also revealed that he likes it because “I will be with some of my former colleagues” and specified that it will be for this year.

Sandra is promoting the movie “Super familia”, which opens on January 20 and in which she has a special participation.


A few days ago, the Crazy Design couple revealed that they are pregnant with their fourth baby, who is 20 weeks pregnant.

“Yes, I am pregnant, thanks to Papa Dios for this blessing, for this happiness, my fourth child, I am extremely grateful for Papa Dios, I know that many of you had already known, but I had not confirmed it,” Berrocal said in their social networks.

New life

Berrocal continues to be one of the most followed women on instagram with a total of two million 100 thousand followers, she moved this year to Santiago de los Caballeros.

I am Christian. I moved to Santiago. I have been making a change in my life for a long time, “he told the Masvip portal in August.

Tv out

It was at the beginning of last year that Berrocal announced her departure, for the second time, from “From End to End” because she no longer felt “comfortable” and was not allowed to advance professionally.

In an interview on the program “Esto no es radio”, Berrocal said that she felt that they did not want to give her the opportunity that she knew she could exploit, such as speaking more into the microphone.

“Everything was changing in ´Extremo´, new producers, new things,” she said referring to the changes she had in the program that airs from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon on Digital 15, while she was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.