Santiago’s pets already have a cemetery

Undoubtedly, the Dominican Republic has been raising awareness regarding pets. These are an important part of the family, to the point that even for their eternal rest they try to provide them with a last dignified home.

Knowing that this treatment is gaining more and more strength in the country, pet cemeteries have emerged, and Santiago has not been left behind. The ‘Pet Cemetery’ has just been inaugurated in its Fuente de Luz Memorial Service cemetery park.

The executive director of the cemetery, Arlenys Nicasio, expressed her satisfaction at being able to offer this important service, which did not exist in the North region and now they have a dignified space, carefully created to offer a comprehensive solution to the death of that pet that she filled with love and happiness to the family

He maintains that the new cemetery is characterized by exposing nature in its most beautiful expression, while harmoniously combining the peace and tranquility that is required to say goodbye and remember a loved one.

A worthy proposal

The cemetery has columbariums to place the ashes in perpetuity and tombstones with names, dates of birth/death and a short phrase of your choice.

It also has transport to collect pets, cremation certification, urns with a wide catalog to choose from and a tribute that could be balloons with messages, presses to those present, among others. In addition, use of the ecumenical room for an intimate moment with the family and a standard charm or pendant for a memory ash.

Arlenys Nicasio announced that next year they will also open a pet cemetery in San Francisco de Macorís. “Our goal is to provide timely emotional support to families in the final farewell to their loved ones,” she said.

Health and environmental care guarantee

All services are carried out in strict compliance with Law 248-12 on Animal Protection and Responsible Ownership, as well as General Health Laws 42-01 and 64-00 on the Environment.