Sarodj premieres his first trap “Give me light”

Sarodj presented a trap for the first time, which he called “Give me light”, a heartbreak song released on his birthday, composed by the artist herself together with Jay Elite, who is also the producer of the song recorded in the Dominican Republic .

“The song exposes a story of deceit and betrayal, interpreted with great feeling that will make us vibrate and perhaps many will remember those love experiences that did not have happy endings”, Sarodj expresses.

Directed by Carlos Spinelly and Víctor Rangel, the video clip of “Give me light” was recorded in the beautiful landscapes of Baní, Peravía, Dominican Republic, the salt flats and deserts of this province were the perfect settings to recreate this film piece in which This dramatic story of pain and infidelity is told.

Sarodj made a “preview” on his social networks of this topic, obtaining great acceptance by his followers and going viral in a short time,

“This song is very special, I have a lot of faith, I present it to all my audiences with great affection and appreciation, hoping that they will receive it with much love as they have done with all my singles,” he emphasizes.

According to the singer, “Give me light” promises to be a new success and according to her, with this she takes a turn in her career, showing her versatility and leaving us waiting for new surprises.

“Give me light” was released on her birthday, on April 11.