Sebastián Ligarde and his unexpected reaction when Ethel and Yaco present him with an award: “Are they real?”

the mexican artist Sebastian Ligarde has generated great and positive reactions in the Peruvian public after his arrival in “Luz de luna 3” to play a role as a villain in the series. In this sense, the actor visited the set of the program “Your mom cooks better than yours”, in which he participated in a fun sketch in which he won. However, he had a peculiar response after receiving the award that Ethel and Yaco gave him.

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Sebastián Ligarde and Mayella Lloclla competed and won the duo made up of André and Vanessa Silva, who appeared on the América TV space. Upon receiving the surprise, the actor had a singular response in front of Ethel and Yaco: “Are they for real?”

Sebastián Ligarde showed off his skills in the kitchen together with Mayella Lloclla. Photo: Photo: America TV

What was the prize that Sebastián Ligarde received?

Chef Muriel Mongrout decided on the winning dish and chose Sebastián Ligarde and Mayella’s. The gift given to the artists was ‘the golden fork’.

Sebastián Ligarde cried in “El reventonazo de la Chola”

Sebastian Ligarde He went to the set of “El reventonazo de la Chola”. The interpreter arrived along with some main characters of “Moonlight 3”, such as André and Vanessa Silva. However, Sebastián did not imagine the surprise that Ernesto Pimentel and his production team prepared for him due to the fulfillment of his 50-year career in the art world. “Thank you, Peru. I have been acting for 50 years and next year I will be 70 years old,” the artist said through tears.

What is the trajectory of Sebastián Ligarde?

Sebastian Ligarde He is an actor from Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico, who was born on January 26, 1954. The artist made his debut in a play called “Los ojos del hombre” at the age of 20. In 1976, he entered Mexican cinema for the first time and since then he has contributed to the cast of more than 90 films and 25 telenovelas. After dedicating himself to the performing arts for several years, in 2009 he announced his temporary retirement from the screens to focus entirely on giving a workshop in Miami.