Sebastián Tamayo, formerly of Shirley Arica, was drugged on New Year’s Eve: “They gave it to me in a drink”

Live a nightmare. Shirley Arica had a fugitive romance with Sebastián Tamayo during her time in El Poder del Amor, and now he has just made a serious complaint: He was drugged.

Through their social networks, the Colombian reappeared a few days after New Year’s Eve to tell of the terrible experience that you had to live at a party on December 31st.

In the stories of his official Instagram account, Sebastian Tamayo He gave details of how it all happened, and looking quite affected, revealed that they had introduced a drug into his drink while celebrating the start of 2022.

“Maybe they gave it to me accidentally or with some intention,” he said. After that, the influencer began to have hallucinations, which caused him to suffer an accident.

This fact left him Sebastian Tamayo a cut on the arm and 7 stitches. “I tried to escape from my house and ran, I was with little awareness of reality and I thought they were robbing me,” he said.

“They gave it to me in a drink. I ran out and crashed into a car; I even have to pay the glass of the car to the man “, added the former figure of The power of love.

Sebastian Tamayo He ended up being admitted to a hospital due to this complicated episode, and the doctors determined that the name of the hallucinogen with which he was drugged would be mescaline.

The former reality boy finally assured that he is currently stable, but is awaiting surgery, since part of his tendon was seriously affected, and he recommended his followers to be careful when celebrating.

Who is Sebastián Tamayo?

Sebastián Tamayo, Shirley Arica’s ex-partner, is a 29-year-old Colombian model, television host and actor. He became known for participating in reality shows in his country in 2012.

Before coming to reality “The power of love” The Colombian tried his luck in music, obtaining a not so positive response from the public. “It’s not like: I’m going to sing and they are going to make the super arrangements for me. First of all, I want to know my voice, to know if I can reach certain tones, to know what songs I can sing, by what genre ”, the model commented in an interview.