Sebastián Tamayo: reality boy tells how he suffered an accident after being drugged

The Colombian influencer Sebastian Tamayo He said that he had a bad time after suffering an accident due to a type of drug that they gave him in his alcoholic drink in a nightclub in Bogotá. Likewise, the participant of the reality show The Power of Love revealed that, when he got home, he began to have hallucinations that oThey caressed that it was an accident and had different altercations.

“Maybe they gave it to me accidentally or with some intention (…) I tried to escape from my house and ran away, I had little awareness of reality and I thought I was being mugged. ”, He said through a video posted on his Instagram account. “They gave it to me in a drink. I ran out and crashed into a car; I even have to pay the glass of the car to the man, “he added.

In addition, he indicated that the hospital where he was treated informed him that the hallucinogen with which he was drugged it’s called mescaline which is a strong drug that comes from the peyote cactus and from San Pedro.

At the moment, the reality boy has said that he is stable and calm, but that he has seven points on his left arm and a pending surgery because he lost part of the tendon. Likewise, he alerted his followers to be cautious and to take care of situations similar to those that he lived in these celebrations for the New Year.