Sebastián Yatra in Peru: when will tickets go on sale and more details of his concert

The Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra will offer a concert in our country this 2022 and all his followers are very excited to see him live. For this reason, in this note from El Popular we will tell you all the details that are known to date about the show.

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When will the Sebastian Yatra concert in Peru be?

The event organization Kandavu announced that Sebastian Yatra He will arrive in Peru to offer his live show, but so far the official date of his concert is not known, although it will most likely be this 2022 as part of his Daharma tour.

When does Sebastián Yatra’s ‘Dharma 2022’ tour start?

Sebastian Yatra will start the tour ‘Dharma 2022’ East February 23 in Mexico City and his first performance will be at the National Stadium to the delight and delight of his Mexican fans, who will be the first lucky ones to enjoy the show that is already registered on the Colombian singer’s official website.

Which countries will Sebastián Yatra tour with his ‘Dharma 2022’ tour?

According to the official page of Sebastian Yatra, the confirmed countries in the ‘Dharma 2022’ tour have confirmed the following countries: Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and Ecuador.

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In Mexico, Sebastian Yatra It has seven presentations scheduled, in Spain eleven presentations, while in Argentina it has three presentations scheduled. In addition, in Paraguay it will be presented once, while in Colombia and Ecuador twice, respectively.

When will Sebastián Yatra’s movie “Once upon a time… but not anymore” premiere on Netflix?

The first musical series in Spain for Netflix filming began in June 2021 and that was when it was learned that the cast would be made up of Sebastian Yatra, becoming her debut on the small screen.