Sebastián Yatra launches video clip of “Amor pasajero”, together with the Argentine actress Betiana Blum

Following the success of “Red Tacones”, Sebastian Yatra He released his first single of the year 2022: “Amor pasajero”. The song is marked to the rhythm of the Argentine cumbia. On January 6, the music video for the song was also released, recorded in a neighborhood of the Latin American country.

The audiovisual piece was directed by Joaquín Cambre, who was the visual collaborator of the video clips of “Goodbye” and “Ideal Girl”. It was recorded in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Lugano, in Argentina. The protagonists of the story are Yatra and the renowned actress Betiana Blum.

The concept for the music video for “Passenger Love” was created by the singer. In this one he is seen arriving by plane to Argentina, and moving around in a taxi. A group of women suddenly enter this, heading for a marriage.

The interpreter was very happy on social networks for the release of the single. He posted a video on Instagram showing him waiting for the live premiere of the new video clip. Happy, he sings some verses from the beginning of the song, and calls his followers to listen to it.

“Amor pasajero” will be part of Dharma, the next album by the Colombian artist. This one will premiere on January 28. Yatra defines “Dharma”, an originally Hindu word, as the opposite of Karma: “what you receive in your life for the things you do well is a gift.” Dharma symbolizes what it means for the artist to share his music with his fans.

“Although some songs are sad and others start from happiness, they are all part of existing and love,” says the artist about the album.

The album will have 17 songs, including “Red high heels”. The single debuted on Spotify’s Global Top 100. Currently occupies the first position in the radio of Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala and it’s found in the Top 1 of Spotify Peru.