Secret Service intercepts a 2-year-old boy who broke through the fence surrounding the White House

This Tuesday, a 2-year-old boy managed to get through the fence surrounding the White House and being in the gardens of the presidential residence, according to the head of Communications of the Secret Service, Anthony Gugliemli. During the brief visit, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, was present.

As soon as they realized the presence of the “curious” visitor, the Secret Service agents went to Pick up the minor to reunite with their parents, who were waiting for him on av. Pennsylvania, in front of the compound. It should be noted that in that short period access to the White House was restricted.

Although the government agency has not confirmed it, this It may be the first time someone enters without permission to the mansion since the height of the fence was increased to 4 meters for security. Several children have tried to enter but were unsuccessful, getting stuck between the bars.

One of the most controversial cases was in September 2014, when Omar González, a former soldier, jumped and managed to enter the residence with a knife. Fortunately, the then president Barack Obama had withdrawn from the mansion minutes before.

The building of the White House is one of the most protected in the world: There are snipers on the roof, and to enter as a journalist or visitor it is necessary to have special accreditation and pass security controls very similar to those at airports.