Secretary of the United States sends an indirect message to Pedro Castillo in a conference: “We do not look at whether they are from the left or the right”

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenexpressed his concern at the number of anti-democratic heads of state in the region, which is why he called for them to put aside their own ideologies to defend democracy and side with the people.

“Every time we see more leaders who undertake anti-democratic measures under the false justification that they have popular support,” he criticized during the LII General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), held in Lima, in which he did not quote any of directly, in front of the President of the Republic, peter castle.

It doesn’t matter if they are “right or left”

The leader of the United States diplomacy gave as an example the harassment or intervention in the decisions of the judges. “I want to be very clear: it is not about choosing sides between left and right or progressive and conservative, it is about committing ourselves to democracy ahead of ideologies and parties,” he claimed.

The US foreign minister also asked the countries of the region to “unequivocally condemn the authoritarian regimes in the region,” among which he cited Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. In addition, he stressed that political orientation is not important, but rather democracy and the commitment to work together for his country.

“We don’t look at governments from the perspective of whether they are left, right or center. What we are looking at is whether the governments have the basic democratic principles, the principles of the OAS Charter, in the Inter-American Democratic Charter, that is what counts”, emphasized the Secretary of State.