‘Seeds for the Future’, a cultural exchange focused on ICT

With the aim of developing local talent in information and communication technologies (ICT), promoting the transfer of knowledge, promoting greater understanding and interest in the industry and promoting construction, as well as regional participation in the digital community, Registration for the first edition of the ‘Seeds for the Future’ program in the region is now open.

“It is a free, enriching and life-transforming cultural exchange for students from academic institutions and recent graduates, in order for them to gain access to cutting-edge ICT-related topics, critical thinking development, leadership and experience Chinese culture up close. ”, explains Yunessis Sánchez, manager of Public Affairs and Communications at Huawei, after informing that it is aimed at university students and recent graduates of all careers.

For eight consecutive days, exclusively through virtual and face-to-face seminars, students will be able to learn about technological innovation, initial and advanced level courses on key 5G technologies, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, among others. In addition, through the ‘Tech4Good’ project, they will have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and delve into the tools that technology offers to address social or environmental problems.

Sánchez points out that after its start in 2008, ‘Semillas para el Futuro’, expanded to the rest of the world to support the professional development of locals and thus meet the demands of today’s international market.

The program seeks to promote the professional development of women in the ICT industry. Through their inclusion we achieve that the technological transformation belongs to everyone and for everyone.

Program alumni experience

Denys Arturo Rosario, technology student, former student of ‘Seeds for the Future 2019’, and who had the opportunity to travel to China, says that students gain added value thanks to the certifications they receive once they graduate from the program. These can be included in her resume, adding points to her professional development and gaining greater recognition within the industry. In addition, they become part of the Seeds For The Future alumni community on LinkedIn, a space that promotes the continuous transfer of knowledge through the permanent cultural exchange that takes place there.


Kevin Rosario, coordinator of Public Affairs and Communications, details that university students or recent graduates of any career can participate in this edition, with a willingness to participate in group projects and in a global competition, advanced command of the English language, have a great interest in the topics of technology, innovation, intercultural exchange, business leadership and a great enthusiasm for learning.

Those interested can register until September 30 through their university or via the firm that promotes it, and share a resume that proves academic records and a video presentation of up to three minutes reflecting their interest in supporting the digital development of his country.