Senate recognizes 50 years of career of Joseph Cáceres

In a ceremony headed by the Vice President of the SenateSantiago Zorrilla, the Upper House delivered a plaque recognition to the outstanding and veteran art chronicler Joseph Caceresin commemoration of its 50 years of experience.

The tribute a Joseph Caceres It was carried out after the approval of a resolution proposed by the senator of the Monsignor Nouel province, Héctor Acosta, in which the trajectory of the journalist, communicator, commentator, playwright, theater actor and promoter of art in the Dominican Republic is recognized.

“When we recognize a person with a great career, as is the case with Joseph Caceres, we are not only recognizing him, we are recognizing the announcers, journalists; but we are also recognizing the Dominican Republic, and we are motivating those of this generation to do it as he has done,” said Senator Zorrilla.

The vice president of the Upper House stressed that the Senate of the Republic, by delivering this recognitioncomplies with the duty to honor the merit of people who stand out in our country.

On his side, Senator Héctor Acosta (Monsignor Nouel), proponent of the initiative, stated that upon reaching the Senate of the Republic set out to promote the recognition to personalities from different fields who contributed in favor of communication and art in the Dominican Republic, as in the case of Joseph Caceres.


Journalist Joseph Cáceres (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

“I started by recognizing one of the greats of communication, Domingo Bautista. Today it is the turn of a valuable communicator, who navigates so easily in each of the areas that he has had to lead. I am honored that this recognition receive it Joseph Caceresin life, in health, shining, surrounded by his colleagues of a lifetime, who have come to share this special day”, said Senator Acosta.

Joseph Caceres expressed his gratitude to Senator Héctor Acosta for proposing the initiative to recognize him and to Senate of the Republic for approving the resolution.

“I feel flattered and honored with this distinction that is granted to me here in the Senatereally looking back, it’s 50 years of profession, gravitating in the world of art and entertainment, witnessing everything important that has happened in all that time, supporting, reviewing and recounting the most important events in the art world “, Caceres declared.

The journalist also stated that the recognition in his favor constitutes a stimulus to continue treading the path of the great achievements in communication that he has had.

“It is one more impulse to develop the values ​​that are required in these times when things have changed, the entertainment world has experienced changes in the face of which we must have the attitude of continuing to point the way to what is valuable,” he said. the communicator honored.

the parchment of recognition to the outstanding communicator was delivered by the vice president of the Senate, along with senators Héctor Acosta (Monsignor Nouel); Miltiades Franjul (Peravia); Ricardo de los Santos (Sanchez Ramirez); Lenin Valdez (Monte Plata); Ramón Pimentel (Montecristi); David Sosa (Dajabon); and Franklin Rodríguez (San Cristobal).

Journalist Joseph Caceres was born in Santo Domingo on August 28, 1948, has been a journalist for more than 50 years in which he has held the presidency of the Association of Art Chroniclers (ACROARTE) on three occasions, he was the first Dominican to serve as a show host at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

In the activity, the communicator was accompanied by Domingo Bautista, Emely Baldera, Carlos T. Martínez, Carlos Cepeda Suriel, Alexis Beltré, Wanda Sánchez, Eugenio Pérez, Máximo Jiménez, José Peguero, among others.