Sergio DeFassio, famous Mexican actor and comedian, dies at 70 years of age

Entertainment is in mourning. The actor Sergio DeFassio, recognized in Mexico for having participated in various comedy series and soap operas such as “El premio mayor” died last Tuesday, April 18, at the age of 70. The news has left a great sorrow in the public, because the comedian earned affection thanks to his charisma and talent that he showed on television. He knows the details and the reason for his death.

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What did Sergio DeFassio die of?

Televisa Espectáculos confirmed the unfortunate death of Sergio DeFassio through their social networks. According to reports from various Mexican media, the comedian was hospitalized in a clinic after undergoing surgery days ago to have a pacemaker placed. cause of death it would have been a heart attackeither.

Sergio DeFassio was a renowned comedian in Mexico. Photo: Come joy

Who was Sergio DeFassio?

Sergio DeFassio He was a renowned Mexican actor and comedian. He was born on October 21, 1952 in the city of Puebla and was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry in Mexico.

During his extensive career, the artist was part of various productions such as “Amigas y rivales”, “Soñadoras”, “El premio mayor”, “La fea más bella”, among others. DeFassio also excelled in film and theater. He won the affection of the public thanks to his facet as a comedian and witticisms.

Sergio DeFassio participated in various comedy series. Photo: diffusion

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His last public appearance

The news of the death of Sergio DeFassio It has taken everyone by surprise, because, just a few weeks ago, the actor was present at the funeral of his friend and colleague Xavier López, better known as Chabelo.