Sergio Galliani and Connie Chaparro: This is how their love story began despite the difference in ages

The relationship between Sergio Galliani Y Connie Chaparro it was very solid from the beginning. Despite the criticism they received for the marked difference in their ages, she never had any qualms about defending their courtship. However, in an interview the actress She says she was taken by surprise by the actor’s determination when he told her that he wanted to have children with her.

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And although being a mother was her lifelong dream, doubts haunted her head because at that moment Galliani He was already the father of four girls. And it is that their relationship started at full speed. The actress revealed that, with barely a week in love, the popular ‘Nachito’ the proposal to have a child slipped him.

So far the couple has become one of the most stable of Lima entertainment, their love has been tested on more than one occasion by the comments about the age difference between them. Today in The popular We will tell you more about the history among Peruvian artists.

Sergio Galliani and Connie Chaparro: How They Met

The television program “Magaly TeVe” showed a video with different images that revealed the closeness that existed between Connie and Sergio. After the publication of that ‘ampay’ the prejudices did not wait.

Actress and radio host In an interview with Andrea Llosa, he did not hesitate to reveal how he met the actor and how he conquered her.

“We fell in love in rehearsals. A process of a play leads to a few months before rehearsal, two or three months. And when we premiered we were already there,” he revealed.

Sergio Galliani and Connie Chaparro: the age difference

After the ampay of the newly in love, many of the comments focused on the 15-year difference that exists between Connie and Sergio. “People were impressed and could say many things, but my family took it well because I have been a very independent person since I was little.”

When they started dating, few people were betting on their relationship. This was due to their age difference (he is 16 years older) and their contrast in personalities. However, they always believed in their romance.

“Nobody believed in our relationship, only us (which was and is the most important thing) because of the age difference and our opposite personalities. He was a ‘crazy’ and I was a ‘sweet’ television actress,” he explained. Connie Chaparro in Instagram.

Connie Chaparro and Sergio Galliani: when did they get married

Connie Chaparro Y Sergio Galliani They got married in January 2010, in a private ceremony in Chorrillos with their family and friends. They started their relationship two years earlier. Their son Nicola was born in May 2011.